I founded Elizabeth Nadine Yoga, Pilates & Wellbeing over 13 years ago to help people with all my skills and knowledge to get stronger, fitter, have good posture and flexibility and feel their best self. It’s my passion and mission to help people feel great and be healthier and happier. I do this with my bespoke style of teaching and guide to a healthier holistic lifestyle. I am hot on technique and alignment as it is so important that you work out in the right way, but I also believe that when you are looking to improve yourself, you need to challenge yourself. People often have preconceived ideas as to what Pilates and yoga is like, often having tried it before and not enjoyed it or enjoyed it but didn’t get the results they wanted – I will change that for you!

Previously, I worked in the City as a lawyer in a very pressurised and stressful environment, working extremely long hours at a desk. It was my yoga and Pilates practiced that saved me. Through my studies and self practice I improved my posture, stopped my aches and pains, got flexible, strengthened my whole body, gained a super strong core to support my long hours at work and became confident and happy with my new and maintained toned and strong body. I combined this with working on my mind, by choosing a better way of thinking, nourishing my body with the right foods to be healthy and radiant. The great thing to know is that I did all of this whilst working very long hours as a lawyer. You do not need to spend hours a day at a gym or exercising, or starve yourself or do some faddy unsustainable diet! It’s about knowing what to do and then consistently taking action and making small changes, making better decisions, that all compound and get you to where you want to be. I can help you do this. My style of teaching is unique to me and has developed over the years of self practice and working with thousands of clients in order to get the results they wanted. If you want to get results and feel and see a change in your body, reach out and I will help you.

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