Hello, I’m Elizabeth

I founded Elizabeth Nadine Yoga, Pilates & Wellbeing over 15 years ago to use all my skills and knowledge to help people get stronger, fitter, healthier, have good posture and flexibility and feel their best self!

In classes, one-to-ones and via the Nurture Membership I share my unique and dynamic, feel good workouts. My classes are designed to create a lengthened, strengthened, toned body using Pilates and yoga based movement.

It’s my passion and mission to help people feel great and be healthier and happier. I do this with my bespoke method and style of teaching which will get you results quickly.

My method was developed from personal experience and years of teaching clients who have busy and hectic lives, and do not come from a dance background with innate flexibility and strength.

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I have always been passionate about health and wellbeing, and when I was a lawyer, any spare time I had, I was going to the gym, and going to yoga and Pilates classes, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I also did not have hours to spend working out, so I needed my workouts to be efficient, effective, beneficial, and kind to my body, and that’s exactly what I will deliver to you. I also learnt that movement is just one of the pillars to health; we also need to nourish our body and work on our mindset for true wellness.

Wellbeing was my hobby, so purely for the interest of helping myself and others, I trained in yoga, Pilates and nutrition, all whilst working full time in the City as a lawyer. I naturally cherry picked from my training what I needed and what worked with my lifestyle, and that’s when I saw my body, health and wellbeing transform.

I combined my workout routine with nourishing my body with the right foods to be healthy and radiant and worked on my mind, by choosing a better way of thinking and making sure I took time to unwind and de-stress. City life is fast paced and adrenaline and cortisol fuelled!

I wanted a toned body, a peachy bum, a strong core, improved posture, whole body strength, to be flexible, feel amazing and ideally have radiant skin and hair!
A big ask when working long hours in law! But, if I can get what I want, you can get what you want too!

I promise that you do not need to spend hours doing gruelling workouts, or starve yourself or do some faddy unsustainable diet! It’s about knowing what to do and then consistently taking action and making small changes, making better decisions, that all compound and get you to where you want to be. I can help you do this.

If you want to get results, feel great, and see a change in your body, reach out and I will help you.

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