Client Testimonials

Liz’s classes make a huge difference to how I feel. I often struggle to find enough time for myself with family life but when I focus on my Pilates and yoga practice with Liz I feel energised, stronger, my stiffness from working at a desk improves, my digestion is better, I’m less stressed and more relaxed in myself. Liz is brilliant at always giving different options of levels to work at in her classes. but makes everyone want to push themselves to get better all the time. She is such a great teacher!

Amy M

I started doing Liz’s classes about 3 years ago when I was pregnant, and after giving birth, then I progressed to the Dynamic Pilates class on a Saturday morning. What I love about Liz’s classes is that they feel like a proper workout and I always leave feeling challenged and energised. Since starting Pilates with Liz I am a lot stronger, and I can honestly say I have been suffering a lot less with back pain and aches. I recently joined the membership; what I love about it is that there are lots of short 20 minutes videos that I can easily do during my lunch break when I’m working from home. I really love doing Pilates and Yoga with Liz and I can 100% recommend these classes to anyone else. Thank you Liz!

Thea Bartholomew

After enjoying yoga on holiday. I wanted to continue learning and find a good local yoga teacher, after asking around Elizabeth Nadine’s name kept coming up.

I was intrigued to find out more about her method. Liz was effortless to contact and really easy to speak to.The bonus for me was Liz had great knowledge of running too. This was really important to me, because I was going to attempt my first half marathon. Liz was able to target key areas of my body specifically to enable me to overcome injury and improve my running style. I would not have been able to complete the half marathon without her help. We have continued to work together to improve my own personal goals. Liz has a unique method, which will really help you achieve your goals.

Liz is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of experience, she really cares about her clients and goes the extra mile for them.

Gavin Ryan

Liz’s passion for Yoga and Pilates is second to none and it shows in her teaching. In the 10 years I have been attending her classes, from an absolute beginner, not one has ever been the same; there’s always a new move up her sleeve. Liz has an excellent variety of classes and happily takes requests and listens to what you want to gain or achieve.



I joined Elizabeth’s Membership during the COVID restrictions.  I have been doing Pilates group classes on Zoom twice a week with Liz for a few years now and have found that they have contributed so much to my strength, flexibility, improved posture and general well-being that I now cannot do without them. They have kept me fitter and stronger for my age than many of my contemporaries and I have never found a more expert, passionate and knowledgeable Pilates teacher than Liz.

I would thoroughly recommend Liz’s Membership as being a cost-effective and time-saving way of achieving total-body benefit from her Yoga and Pilates classes.

Penny Caldwell

The on demand membership Liz offers is fantastic, being a single Mum who works full time its amazing I can access classes to fit in with my busy schedule. I also love the variation of classes on offer, there is something to suit everyone.

Katy Kemp


I joined Elizabeth’s Membership during the COVID restrictions.  I have been doing Pilates group classes on Zoom twice a week with Liz for a few years now and have found that they have contributed so much to my strength, flexibility, improved posture and general well-being that I now cannot do without them. They have kept me fitter and stronger for my age than many of my contemporaries and I have never found a more expert, passionate and knowledgeable Pilates teacher than Liz.

I would thoroughly recommend Liz’s Membership as being a cost-effective and time-saving way of achieving total-body benefit from her Yoga and Pilates classes.

Penny Caldwell

Liz 1-2-1 Pilates/Yoga sessions are fantastic. They are tailored to my needs and during lockdown the Zoom sessions have kept me going. The sessions are great value for money and I would recommend Liz to anybody who is interested.

Barry Howard


I highly recommend Elizabeth Nadine’s Membership for excellent content and value. I was doing her Pilates & Yoga Fusion class on Zoom once a week but, since I spend a lot of time at my desk, I needed to do more than one class and needed to more exercises to help improve my posture and her Membership includes effective videos to improve your posture.

The Membership includes lots of varied classes, from full body stretches to specific body parts, but Liz also added shorter neck and shoulder release videos when I requested them; that’s the kind of personal touch Liz’s Membership provides. You can request what you need and Liz adds it to the collection of videos. It’s been a lifesaver for me.

She’s the very best at what she does.

Lisa Timoney

I started pilates classes with Liz when I was a complete beginner, shortly after the birth of my first child. Liz helped me rebuild my core strength and then helped me maintain physical and mental wellness through two more pregnancies and beyond. Liz has now been coaching me in pilates and yoga for almost ten years! She is warm, friendly and approachable so her classes are an absolute joy to be in (and more recently during lockdowns, a joy to join remotely too). She has the skill and knowledge to offer variations on exercises to cater for all levels, ensuring I maximise the benefits of each work out to my own needs. She has helped me build the strength to hold poses I never imagined I’d be able to and inspires me to continue to work towards my fitness goals. I highly recommend Liz to anyone looking to improve their strength, flexibility and general fitness.

Holly Olympidis


I have always been a Pilates fan, however it was only when I was introduced to Liz that I achieved the results I wanted: core strength, better posture and a toned physique. Her expertise, dedication and attention to detail sets her apart from anyone else. The added bonus is that Liz is friendly and very approachable, I really look forward to her classes.
Laura W


Having heard about the amazing benefits of Pilates, I tried it 10 years ago and was so disappointed; there was no challenge and I felt as though I was not improving my core stability.  However after having my first child 4 years ago, I heard about and joined Liz’s class and was so impressed with the results. From the initial 1:1 to assess your fitness and ensure the classes are tailored bespoke to suit your needs, to the intimate and friendly setting Liz creates within the class each week, I have been hooked ever since!  After having 2 children, I can safely say that I am in better shape now than I was before! Each class varies in focus, so you always feel that you’re varying your exercise regime whilst als o gaining a total body workout. Whether you’re looking to tone up, lose weight, gain core stability or strengthen your muscles, Liz’s class is for you!
Joanne F

Post Natal Pilates

Dear Liz, I just wanted to write to thank you for the brilliant pilates and yoga classes that I have attended recently.  I have tried many classes in the past and although I have seen some benefits, but none have been as beneficial as the classes that you provide.  Since I joined your classes I have lost weight and my body is more toned and I certainly feel a lot better in myself and really look forward to attending your classes each week.  With many thanks.
Lisa D


I started seeing Liz whilst pregnant with my second child. I was conscious that I’d let exercise slip from my routine and wanted a way to maintain fitness and find some ‘me time’. I found Liz to be a patient teacher who re-built my love of exercise and helped reduce any pregnancy anxiety.

Post-birth, I wanted to exercise gently to re-gain my shape and work around my schedule. After a few months I felt competent with the basics and Liz progressed me through more advanced techniques. After 2 children I feel in better shape than ever before, more conscious of my posture and more confident in myself. My body feels strong and flexible and it has become critically important for my mental wellbeing as well as my fitness, to see Liz twice each week.

These moments are more than a time to exercise – they are an opportunity to re-set, de-stress and bring some mindfulness into my life. Liz has changed my body and brought a positive energy and balance into my life.

Thank you Liz!

Rachel B


Liz, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and offer praise where praise is due for the men’s Pilates classes that you have been running in Chislehurst for the past 3 months.  The lessons are good fun and your friendly hands on approach to the class, as well as your knowledge and flexibility, has made it extremely enjoyable.

As someone who has played competitive football since the age of 8 (I am 52 now), the injuries I have suffered have begun to take their toll over recent seasons, but in the 3 months since starting Pilates with you, I have yet to miss a game.

I would definitely recommend your class to anyone who enjoys sport, or indeed, just wants to look after themselves.

Paul D

Men's Pilates

Elizabeth is absolutely amazing at what she does. So experienced. Look forward to her class every Saturday. I’m absolutely sweating afterwards!!!

(Dynamic Pilates)


I’m so grateful to have found Liz and her amazing pilates. She helped keep me strong and fit during pregnancy, then quickly regain that strength and fitness after having my baby.

As a former pro- dancer, I can be quite picky about classes but Liz ticks all the right boxes. She is fiercely committed to technique, providing knowledgeable insights to her practice during creative and challenging sequences that work the whole body. I only wish I could do her classes everyday!

Emma Webster

Before I met Liz, I was in so much pain with my back that I found it hard to get out of bed each morning. My back would also seize up during long walks and would become so painful, I would have to sit down till the pain wore off.

I was recommended to Liz, over four years ago. During our first 1:1, she did an assessment and noticed how I had some muscle imbalances that were affecting my back. Liz corrected my moves to ensure I was not causing more damage to my back and showed me a few back exercises that I could do at home to help my back. 

I am so pleased I met Liz, she has been a miracle worker. After a few weeks of attending her Pilates classes, and continuing with my back exercises at home, the pain in my back started to reduce, my mobility improved and my ability to get out of bed with ease drastically improved.  

Today, I am pain free! I attend a weekly session with Liz and I do home work via being a Member of Liz’s Nurture Membership, which is perfect for me as I can pick what videos suit me and the Shape Up Series and Core Series (which are 20 minutes) are perfect for when I am working or short of time. Even my chiropractor has noticed how much my back has changed and is now much stronger.   

I love the healthy recipes Liz has added to her Membership, which I use regularily, especially the breakfast muffins (perfect for breakfast at work)!

I felt like an old lady, but now I have full flexibility in my back, feeling stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my life. I am so grateful to have met Liz as I do not think I would have been the person I am today.

Sue Keech

I started attending Liz’s classes on Zoom after the birth of my son and I immediately regretted that I hadn’t gone to her prenatal course. Within a few months I was feeling stronger, more energetic and I wasn’t suffering from awful back ache anymore. Liz is just brilliant. She is so friendly and approachable. There is never any judgement in her class. She is just committed to helping you achieve your goals. Liz is also very knowledgeable about post-natal recovery. You can have complete confidence in her classes that you will be able to safely recover and build up your strength. Her classes are fun but they are also challenging. I need to be motivated to exercise and I always find that Liz encourages me to push myself that much further.

Annie Thomas

I started Pilates with Liz five years ago and have never looked back! I was new to Pilates and Yoga and can honestly say I’ve never felt stronger.

Liz is a brilliant teacher. She is a great motivator and is so supportive to all her clients.

Her timetable offers a variety of classes which cater for all abilities and offer different levels of exertion.

Kate Lane


7 years ago I was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in my lower back also in having a worn left hip. I needed to stop all impact sports which of course meant I could not run. As a result, I put on weight, lost all fitness had high blood pressure, which tablets refuse to control,  and ended up needing major heart surgery. With all this, I really used to stiffen up and had no fitness. Two major changes in my life happened, I took up cycling and met Liz 7 years ago. Cycling helped to bring back the fitness but Liz, with her knowledge of Pilates and yoga, helped get movement and overall fitness back. She focused on key areas for me, strengthening my core and back, hips and lack of flexibility.  The result is that I have little to no problems with my back or hip.  Also a class with Liz brings down my blood pressure and I always sleep so well. I always feel so much better in body and mind after a class. I fully recommend Liz for all ages and all levels of fitness. I am more than happy to give my personal reference for Liz if needed.

Phillip Jordan


I’ve been doing Pilates classes with Liz for the past two years and they are now a staple and much looked forward to part of my week. I’ve done all sorts of classes before – yoga, Pilates, circuit training etc and Liz is by far the nicest and most helpful instructor I’ve come across. She always makes time to give individual pointers and advice and I always leave the class feeling so much more uplifted, less tense and with a much happier lower back, which is very prone to stiffness. I started doing pre-natal classes with Liz which were fantastic. I firmly believe I was in much better shape for the birth of my little girl thanks to Liz. 18 months on and I’m still going to Liz’s classes. Delighted that I can now go twice a week!! I would thoroughly recommend Liz and her Pilates style. Being relatively new to the area, I’m so thankful I discovered her when I did.
Marion M


Liz is a great teacher and caters for all levels. Her classes are tough but enjoyable and she explains the functional movement really well.

Angharad McDonald


When I started Elizabeth’s classes nearly 6 months ago I didn’t really know what to expect. As a person who has played a lot of sport, such as rugby and football over the years, I thought the physical aspects of yoga & Pilates would be “a walk in the park” in comparison.  How wrong I was.  I have found Elizabeth’s classes both challenging and rewarding. The fact that she is able to control a room full of men all at different levels is a testament to her teaching.  Especially how she challenges us to challenge ourselves, yet whilst working at our own pace and levels.

I have personally dropped two jean sizes in this time and the niggly aches and pains I used to suffer with after games are virtually a thing of the past. I look forward to continuing with the classes on a regular basis.

Russell B

Men's Pilates

I have been practicing yoga with Liz for 3 years now. She is dedicated to helping you get what you want/need out of your practice. She tailors classes to work specific areas with levels for all abilities. I can’t imagine practicing with any other teacher. Would highly recommend.

Susan Hewstone


Once upon a time I was fit and flexible, at the grand age of 38 those days have gone.  I was convinced of this until Liz came along to our meeting and started educating us on the benefits of yoga and Pilates, she actually go us trying it at 7am!

Liz started a men only class at Chislehurst for those of us who didn’t relish the thought of taking our first class surrounded by fit women in lycra, as some of us might find that a bit intimidating.

I attended the first class with a few of the chaps and found it very enjoyable.  Liz obviously has a passion for what she does and this shines through.  Especially when she describes her body as a vehicle that will take her through life.  If you would like to go through life driving an old banger that’s fine, if you would like to drive a Ferraro through life then sign up for a course with Liz!  What’s the worst that could happen?

Sam H

Men's Pilates

I would highly recommend Liz’s classes, I attended both ante and post natal pilates and it made huge improvements to my posture and core muscles. Liz is lovely and really pays attention to each person in the class to make sure they are correctly doing each pose.
Claire L


I love Liz’s classes! I did Pilates with Liz during my second pregnancy and I wish I had met Liz before for my first pregnancy.  She kept me fit during this pregnancy which massively helped my labour.  Every exercise was tailored so that it benefited me and worked all the areas I needed.  With Liz’s postnatal Pilates I found that I recovered from pregnancy that much quicker.  I love the fact that Liz challenges us in the class so I really feel like I have done something and have definitely got stronger.
Laura B


I’ve been going to Liz’s Pilates classes for about 3 years. I can’t see me ever not doing Pilates now! I have knee and lower back problems and if I miss a few classes I can feel it! Pilates is fantastic for toning & just keeping the aches & pains away. When I had a baby I did Pilates through-out my pregnancy & as soon as I could afterwards. My midwife commented on how strong my stomach muscles were, and I can happily say that my body is not that different to what it was before my baby. Definitely down to Pilates. Liz is a fantastic teacher who motivates you, modifies exercises to suit you so really gets to know you as an individual. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her classes!
Jodi C


I’ve taken part in dynamic Pilates, pre/post natal Pilates and mum and baby sessions with Liz for a few years. All are great and very different – Liz is great at tailoring the class given the small sizes with a clear focus on technique. She is very good at taking notice of each individual ability in the class to make sure you get the most from her sessions. Would definitely recommend!

Lauren Walmsley


I recently completed Liz’s 21 day stronger core and abs series. I’m a 40 year old guy in reasonably good shape but I don’t do as much exercise as I used to. I wanted to shape up but don’t have a lot of spare time. This was perfect for me. 20 minutes a day and something I could do at home. Even after the first couple of sessions I felt more aware of my core, and I really felt like it had been switched on and put to work. By the end of the series I could see my abdominal muscles from what had started off as a bit of a paunch! I also felt a lot stronger and inspired to do more. Liz is a great teacher, very clear with an emphasis on getting the basics right to get the most out of the exercises without risking injury. She also gives options on level of difficulty so everyone, from beginner to advanced, can get the most out of each session. I also think the series is extremely good value for money and I really do feel the benefit! – Thanks Liz

Mike Crowe

I started classes with Liz 3 years ago on her pregnancy course, following the baby, I then joined the Thurs eve and Sat morn Pilates classes. More recently (due to working from home/zoom!) I have been lucky enough to start the yoga course too and some of the 30min lunchtime sessions.

I can honestly say they are the best classes I have ever done – they flow so well, with Liz offering her expert advice throughout, ensuring best practice is followed. I love the feeling of having worked all muscle groups (hard!) but also knowing we’ve stretched so well too. Definitely feel stronger and happier after meeting Liz!

Jess Powell


We had a great class on Thursday at 7pm after a week off Liz worked us very hard, But no pain no gain; thoroughly enjoyed a good stretch, looking forward to this coming Thursday, Thanks Liz

Graham Sykes


I love the Membership that Liz has created, my lifestyle doesn’t allow me much time for exercise with my own business to run, a young family to look after and a dog to walk but with this Membership I can fit in what I want when I can. I need the guidance that Liz provides throughout each video and her verbal cues are so great I no longer have to watch her but just listen. I use my mobile, which again makes it easier to do at any time of day and I leave my mat out as a reminder. What I love about the Membership is that it is so varied, from a 10-minute blast, that definitely leaves you feeling like you’ve worked out, to 60 minute whole body workouts, plus specific areas of the body to work on and stretch out.

Liz is the epitome of health and if I can get anywhere close to her I’d be happy, with her membership I can practise as often as I can and hopefully I’ll get there.

Carrie Ottolini

I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing class on Sunday eve. I really benefitted from the stretches you talked us through especially the deep spinal ones. I felt so much better after – may it continue!


Liz’s Pilates classes were recommended to me when I complained of backache shortly after the birth of my first son.  Having never tried Pilates before, I had no idea what to expect but thought it had to be worth a try.  I can now say, without doubt, that this was the best health and fitness decision I have ever made! Elizabeth has a wonderful talent for teaching exercises to accommodate a range of needs and fitness levels, so that the whole class can perform appropriate variations at the same time, without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.  Her classes allowed me to improve my strength and fitness levels rapidly, so that I could easily carry around an ever-growing baby/toddler, without worrying about those aches and pains.  It also helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy shape quickly and improved toning in some areas that never looked great!  Now I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby and have enjoyed the benefits of Pilates with Liz more than ever.

Liz has done a wonderful job adapting a range of Pilates exercises for me so that they are safe for me to perform without risking injury, yet still very effective to continue improving my fitness levels and core strength.  Pilates has even helped to conquer those potentially embarrassing moments pregnant women may experience when they sneeze or cough too hard! Elizabeth is incredibly knowledgeable about a range of pregnancy conditions and what can be done to improve them. She also regularly goes above and beyond to provide me with information, help and advice.  I now feel fitter and look better than I did at this stage of my first pregnancy.  Every mum and mum-to-be should have access to someone like Liz!

Holly A


Liz, I am writing to thank you for the outstanding courses  you provide on a Thursday evening.  Since attending your classes I have noticed a difference in my back strength, especially when I play golf.   My lower back ache has also gone.  The classes are always enjoyable and your enthusiasm is infections and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.
Toby S

Men's Sessions

I have been doing Liz’s classes on Zoom via the Membership for over a year now and the results I am seeing on my body are simply astonishing from both a fitness and aesthetics standpoint. I have been suffering from chronic pain in my back and I find that the Pilates classes with Liz have almost eliminated it. My core muscles and my legs have become stronger and leaner. I have built flexibility and endurance and  the aesthetical improvement on my thighs is noticeable. Liz is, by far, the best instructor I have ever had; a fitness and wellbeing expert, articulate, pays attention to detail, accommodative to people’s personal needs and  preferences and above all, a lovely person!  I would unreservedly recommend her Membership to anyone starting or wanting to advance further their fitness journey!
Christina Oikonomou

I had never been particularly interested in exercise and it was something I always new I needed in my life but the easiest thing to put off “until tomorrow”.  This was all until I was introduced to Elizabeth.

I took part in a taster class and I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt with the exercise.  I had a 1-2-1 with Elizabeth at my home, which resulted in Elizabeth adapting the class to my specific needs, without infringing on the needs of the more advanced student.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Elizabeth, she is so kind and caring and extremely passionate about her work.  I look forward to attending her classes and reaping the benefits.

Pamela S


I wanted to let you know how amazing you make me feel after your pilates class.  My hips feel so loose and wiggly!  I’m sure my posture has improved too.  I love your teaching style,  you make things clear and easy to follow.  I will definitely continue to come to your classes and I can’t wait for Saturday.
Mary G


I have been training with Liz for 3 years and in that time she has guided me through 2 pregnancies! She is not your usual teacher (at the gym in a big class), she has an eye for everyone and manages to keep classes personal. She has extensive knowledge about the body and how it works and what you can do to make it work better. Her enthusiasm is catching! I love going to Liz’s classes that are a good overall workout, giving me lots of energy.
Lot H