Wellbeing Retreats


Everyone deserves and benefits from some YOU time and sometimes a class just isn’t enough.  I wanted to offer, via my retreats, the opportunity for people to have quality time to themselves, to allow them to get whatever it is they need in their lives right now.  It may be simply space away from the demands and pressures of our modern-day lives – be it digital time out from your phone or social media or from your everyday commitments, pressures and demands.  Or you may be feeling like you wish to exercise more, get motivated and inspired to re-connect with yourself (body and mind).  Or you may simply be looking to feel restored and rejuvenated.

I also wanted to offer a completely holistic wellbeing experience for the ultimate getaway – if one part of us isn’t in balance the rest of us is affected.  Fact.   All of my blissful retreats will combine nourishing food to feed you from the inside, functional and highly effective and beneficial exercise combining yoga and Pilates to tend to your body’s physical needs, and some head-space and positive mindfulness for your mind and soul.

Sometimes we just need a little time to ourselves to disconnect in order to reconnect to your truest self.

Come and retreat yourself with me!