It is my philosophy that we should shrive to be our best self in any given situation.  When it comes to our participation in class, it may be as simple as being committed to your practice, showing up to class when your brain is convincing you that you maybe tired, or would rather stay in and have a glass of wine or eat chocolate!  Maybe you try really hard to concentrate in class, be present, and stay focused on your technique.  Or it could be that you give that little bit extra in class, don’t give up, or that extra rep, or the next level, or do some home practice.  Maybe you have improved your mindset and attitude, or you are trying to exercise more each week and come to more classes or have one-to-ones to improve and be challenged.

I have the privileged seat as a teacher to see when my students are being their best self and also witness their change over the months.  I’ve seen some fantastic transformations in student’s bodies, minds and health over the years.

There have been numerous occasions where I really want to celebrate and recognise to you how great you are, hence why I am introducing the award of Student of the Month.

I will be in touch with the student of this month, find out what tips they can share with us and give them a little thank you for being their best self and a massive well done!!!

If ever you need motivation, remember these simple little truths:

–       We have the gift of physical movement, so get moving!

–       Our bodies are designed to move and be challenged.

–       Exercise should be a celebration of what your body can do, not as punishment for what you have eaten.  So get celebrating!

–       Like any muscles, use it or lose it!  If you keep doing something, there wouldn’t be a point at which you can’t do it anymore; so don’t give up.  Just do it!

–       Moving gives you energy – it’s simple science.

–       If you don’t look after your body, you will have nowhere to live!

–       The greatest health is wealth!   ….. “He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not”.