21 Day Stronger Core & Abs Series


Strengthening your core and abdominal muscles is one of the BEST things you can do to support your back, hips, improve your posture, help your balance, and help your performance in any activities or sports that you do.

Lots of people think they have a strong core, but it’s actually weak, or think they are doing core and abdominal exercises correctly, but they aren’t. I designed this Stronger Core & Abdominal Series to share with you my experience, knowledge and expertise in this area, and to teach and help you strengthen your core and abdominal muscles correctly, safely and effectively. For a very small investment in your time and money, the pay-off is invaluable.



In this Series, you will:

* Learn about your core and abdominal muscles and how they for example, prevent back problems, hernias, improve sports performance, weight lifting, everyday activities and help maintain a good posture and prevent back problems.

* Learn the secret to getting really strong core & abs with my guidance.

* Get expert instruction to ensure you get your technique right. Technique is everything.

* Practise core exercises to understand and master the fundamental basics before starting the 21 Day Stronger Core & Abdominal Progressive video practice and challenge.

* Practise over 21 progressive core and abs videos to build strength.

* Videos are approximately 20 minutes and multi-levelled.

* Access for two months from date of purchase. So you can re-do the videos and take your practice to the next level.

* One-off payment only.

* All levels.

* Technique guidance throughout all videos

Who would benefit from the Stronger Core & Abdominal Series?

Nearly EVERYONE! I would recommend that anyone coming to my classes do the the Core Series in conjunction with my classes. Your Pilates and yoga practice will improve immensely with greater core strength and awareness.

The Series provides levels from absolute beginner to an advanced student. Therefore, the Core Series is also beneficial for anyone who wants to gain greater core and abdominal strength and take their workouts to the next level.

The Core Series is specifically useful if you have every had a baby and not done a focus core practice to regain your strength, if you suffer from low-grade back ache, poor posture, lack balance or simply want to improve your health, wellbeing and sports performance.

Who would be unsuitable to do the Stronger Core & Abdominal Series?

The Series is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, under 8 weeks postpartum, or under 12 weeks if had a c-section. If you have high-grade back pain, seek medical help and/or have a 1:1 session first. If you have a hernia or have recently had an operation. Please get in contact if you have any questions as to the suitability of the Series for you.