Client Testimonials

I find Liz incredibly inspiring. Her natural ability to connect with people allowed me to open up about all aspects of my life where I wanted some improvements including stress, diet, exercise and mental wellbeing. Within one session, I started to frame my thinking differently. She gave me some immediate actions as well as further research and reading to do so I can continue to self-improve. Within months, I have basically changed almost everything but most importantly I feel so positive and excited about what’s next to come. I could not have done this without her.



I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Liz, she is incredibly friendly and professional and was a great help with my posture and my general well-being. Really useful to get her help and support from the comfort of our own office. The follow-up communications from Liz acted as great encouragement and I have learned a lot from just 2 sessions. Hopefully I will be able to have more sessions in the future!



I was able to spend dedicated one-to-one time with Liz through a corporate wellbeing programme. During this time, Liz provided invaluable, practical advice on improving posture, fitness and healthy eating with simple solutions on how to make consistent, positive changes to my day-to-day life. Liz also worked with me to identify areas of focus I never realised I needed and measured my improvements over time, tailoring solutions to my changing work and personal life schedule. Liz has a deep understanding of how the mind and body works and has given me guidance that has fundamentally changed my life in the most positive way!